Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 11- my lucky number

Today I swam during my prep and I left school by 4 pm.  This happens as teachers get some time under their belt; but I still feel like I cheated or something.  Have to get over that.  In a few weeks the after school program will start and I will be unable to leave before 5:15 on eveyday except the Fridays when there is no home football game.  So, I should rejoice at this time-- and the weather was fantastic today.  Great day for a swim, great day to get out of work at 4.
One of my students had her uncle at school today, shadowing her.  Her family is concerned because she ditched 1st and 3rd last week.  It was fun being able to teach an adult and my students today.  We did a Bill of Rights activity  that I think my students uncle really enjoyed.  He was very engaged! What a lucky girl to have her family refuse to let her mess up.  Many of the parents at my school work multiple jobs, and often ones that aren't easy to get days off from- especially the field workers.  Her uncle had the day off and represented today.  The funny thing though, I think she actually really enjoyed feeling that special today. Good. Like I said, lucky girl.

Deep down teenagers like it when their parents/family sit with them in class.

Go home and take a walk on the beach whenever I can.

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