Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 5

Managed to make it home with enough time and energy to make dinner, blast some music, play guitar and sing my heart out.  Perfect midweek me time.
I bored my first period to death today by deciding to read the whole Declaration of Independence w/ a think aloud and annotation modeling.  Mistake to try and teach this skill with that document.  Oh well, we learn.  What I will do next time is: give them a transcript to read and annotate while I play the you tube clip of famous actors reading the D.O.I.  Then, go back and look at our annotations together.

Did some manual labor after school, emptying out an old computer lab.  Admin has given the go ahead for a socratic seminar room at our school. This is like a dream come true for me. I strongly believe (and I think there's data too) that academic discussion will level the playing field for my students and help shrink the opportunity gap faster than most classroom activities.  Plus, for my joy- I get goosebumps of inspiration when I watch my students engage with each other academically.

A-ha:  As supportive as my school is, its still hard for me to ask for help sometimes.

Reminder:  Everything is easier when you have help.

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