Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 4: Its only Tuesday?

Monday=so refreshed! Tuesday, not so much.  Getting back in the swing of my heart caring in overdrive, my mind working at lightspeed and my body running around all day.   This is some serious work we do!!!  I bet if they did a study (maybe they have) of mental acuity in 90yrs plus folks who spent their lives teaching versus other careers, our brains would be the most exercised. What do ya think?

There are two things I started doing today that I am hoping to implement throughout the year.
1) Using tech like socrative.com or googleforms or nearpod- I can see student responses and writings immediately to spark class discussions and give feedback or pose more questions to the class.  This seems more efficient then walking around and looking over kids shoulders.
2) I have kids post quotations and short quickwrites on google classroom around main course ideas or questions usually as a part of outside class work- something they can do on their phone or in the mall or on the bus etc.  But today I copied and pasted some of their responses from last nights postings and taped them up on the walls around the room.  We did a walk and talk about their writings.  I saw the faces of kids whose writing I chose to put up- they liked it, they were proud inside.  I excluded their names so I could get a feel for their reaction. I think next time, names.

A-ha's: Students like seeing their writing on the wall, even if their name is not attached.   I must include more student voice in class- IN ALL FORMS- not just speaking or classroom discussion.


  • My school is full of great teachers, I wish we spent more time together.
  • Tuesday is a B DAY, no 5th Period prep- I have to eat that fast!!!!

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