Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DAy 9 - a day late

I'm writing about DAy 9 on the morning of DAy10- really trying not to get into that habit but at the same time giving myself some leeway knowing sometimes I just fall asleep when I need to.  If I actually accomplish this blogging everyday of the school year I will be impressed and have built in what I hope to be an ingrained daily reflection practice which takes no planning at all.  Just something I do everyday, no matter what.
Tuesday was hard for facign the realities of working in a humongous public school district and the built in limitations (which need to be changed) causing inequities and underserving students.  The students at my school are in a new place; the culture has shifted.  There is a seriousness about their studies and what they want from their education which I have not seen at his school before.  I have only been there 4 years, but it is an obvious difference.    And yesterday to discover that 4 hard working students whom want more challenges and have fulfilled all of the requirements (summer assignment etc.) for an AP class have to  be removed form the class because the district wont allow 39 and won't/can't(?) pay to create two classes is heartbreaking.
This situation seems helpless but I must stay in possibility- for healing, for changes, for making sure this never happens again.

Teachers need nurturing and someone to fight for them in a system that can often feel punishing (just like their students).

Use my mentor more. Asking for help and getting full kudos can heal.

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