Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 13- Build it and they will come

Very smooth Monday.  I have been loving my Monday prep period; the week just feels more manageable having a less stressful Monday.  I only teach two classes on Monday (we have a block schedule- 3 2hr classes MTTHF and collaboration Weds. all classes).  My 11th graders were curious historians today, wanting to learn about how the Constitution allowed for slavery- working on the skill of corroboration between sources and evidence. The majority of my history department uses materials from the Stanford History Education Group. The lessons in the SHEG website enable critical and historical thinking skills to be taught in a consistent manner.  Students answer historical questions after analyzing various modified sources, enabling multiple viewpoints and responses.  The beautiful part is 3 of us in the history department have been taught directly by people who have created curriculum for SHEG.  This has really allowed for our department to focus on deepening our students understanding of history and ingrain those historical thinking skills like contextualization and corroboration.  I highly recommend that anyone teaching US History or World History visit the SHEG website.  All the resources are free and completely common core aligned        (although created before common core).

After school two of my students from last year came by my room to study and do homework until 5:30.  I saw them in the hallway today and mentioned they are welcome to do homework in my room anytime.  They stayed past normal tutorial time and worked and socialized the whole time. Historically, these are students that are hit and miss with homework and assignment completion.  SO I was happy to see them caring about their schoolwork and more than happy to give them a space to do that(this is where teachers work for free but need to get paid for the most in my opinion- or let some teachers start at 9:30 so they can work til 5:30).

Sometimes kids just need an invitation.

When people offer help, accept it!!!!  The yearbook rep came to my class today and it was dreamy.

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