Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 7 - more than just Friday

Its Sunday night, so I'm two days late but this post will be about more than just Day 7, Friday.  I work in a community that is about 15 miles south of Santa Cruz called Watsonville.  Watsonville is a small town with a rich history. Its primary commerce is agricultural and currently there is a majority Latino population, but it has changed over the years.  From my observations, something that hasn't changed is a town rooted in tradition and family.   My school is over 120 years old and many of the teachers at my school, attended high school there.  Watsonville High School- I am a proud Wildcat!
Friday night we had a football rally in the quad where parents, families, community members and of course students danced and played and hooted and hollered.  It was a new kind of kick off rally and it really brought the community together, along with getting kids excited about school and the football season.  I forget how important these events are until a parent searches me out to tell me thank you or how their kid liked my class last year.
The next day I was at another Watsonville Community event- a food truck block party- where I saw old students, a few co-workers and more parents!
Then today, I attended Watsonville Pride Parade, where I marched with a co worker, my partner, an ex principal of Watsonville High School and many members of the community.  Once again, I saw parents and I saw students- new and old.
I have always thought of myself as a little bit of an outsider to Watsonville  because I live in Santa Cruz, but that went away this weekend.  And I'm grateful for that.

I really am a part of the Watsonville community.

The rate of return for spending time in my school community outside of the classroom is very high!

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