Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 100 - over the hump

There have only been 100 school days??? It feels like a thousand!!! But we are over the hump, because that means we only have 80 school days to go!  Wow, I sound worse than the kids right now.  Unfortunately, its part of our job to always count the days and match our curriculum to the time frame and standards etc.  But I have to remind myself that 1) we have enough time, 2) those 80 days are going to go fast, and 3) I wont be ready to say goodbye to many of my students.  My heart always thinks there will never be another one, or group, or class- as great.  But then the next year comes and another group steals my heart.  But I do know I won't be ready to say goodbye to the seniors in 80 days.
What is all this nostalgia? That's what I get for writing Fridays blog on Sunday night I guess.  Last week was a great week for school, teacher and student morale.  Feeling so connected and bonded can often lead me to think about how temporary everything really is.  At the same time, that thinking keeps me not wasting time with the people in my life. Students included.

A-ha: We constantly say goodbye as teachers.

Reminder:  Then when they visit half the time I can't remember their names....faces , moments, talents...but never names!

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