Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 96: The best Monday of this semester

The best Monday of this semester( maybe because I did some self care and went to a concert last night impromptu...I needed to just sit and listen to music, feed my soul and not worry about Monday) ...oh it is also the first Monday with classes this semester.  Nonetheless, I felt rested and for a minute felt like I was back on a routine -until I realized this week is super modified for a couple huge school events, including a career fair.  All of the events we have at school this week are powerful, in learning and school morale, but man, I miss the routine!  I miss it because I think I need it- and I think our students do too.  Its rough to meet all the needs of a big school and stay on a tight routine, but I do wonder how much it affects the students- like I wish I had data.  Anyone have any data on this?
I have been to my training gym everyday from 6-7pm since we have been back to school and I know that routine has been helping me stay sane and grounded. I write this blog to help remind myself the importance of routine and daily practices.  I wonder what my students have as a routine everyday that makes them feel secure?  Ya know, I will ask them tomorrow.

A-ha: Growing up, school was the only thing that was normal for me- I guess i still expect and need that.  Maybe thats why I like working in a school so much.

Reminder: October might have too much routine.

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