Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 87: 3 weeks ago...

The last Friday of classes, three weeks ago, was teaching day 87.  Last day of finals for the first semester and I was ready to be done thinking about my classes- couldn't even blog that day( or the subsequent days)!   My goal and promise to myself was to blog and reflect on each teaching day this year- so here I am before we start back tomorrow- reflecting on that last day and some of my time off.
I did feel worn down at the end of the semester- almost entirely opposite of how I felt in the beginning of the year. I am not quite refreshed yet either.  I am very open to the memories I have of how much easier second semester feels compared to first semester but I am not comfortable enough to sit in any expectations.
As usual, it feels like a lot is happening, and when that is the case- the chances of things not falling where I would like them to, increases.  Is there any job on the planet where you learn this much. all the time?

A-ha:  Its the learning (about ourselves, others, patterns, content, strategies, truths, lies,possibilities, failures, humanity) that wears us down, not the teaching.

Reminder: Everyday is a new day, every experience is a new experience.  Feel free to see with new eyes tomorrow.

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