Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 88 - First day of second semester

I am a sucker for most of my students and then there are those that when I see them - I  get all choked up and happy inside.  I forgot how much joy they bring to my life! I felt warm and fuzzy today- and strict and comfortable and tired and .....patient!  I don't know if it was because I forgot to drink my coffee or I just let this day be the best it could be without trying to choke hold it and shape it into what I wanted it to be.
First thing, I didn't have any students in my schedule, except for advisory.  We use two platforms and in neither did I have students.  Luckily most of my economics students found their way to me- including the new ones.
After saying hello, catching up getting giddy- re- enforcing/defining the class cell phone policy( more later)- we were to begin this great budget simulation I found for them- but.......the Internet was down!!!!! We stayed calm just spoke more about our vacations and discussed the importance of financial literacy. Eventually - the Internet returned and we got to register and delve into our budget simulation.
Everyone is assigned a salary (this is post college graduation budgeting) and gets to choose what 401k contribution they will choose if any- as the first step. It excites me to teach these things- because I honestly feel financial literacy will be one of the most important, lasting and useful tools that I can teach them.
This was a good way to start the first day as I ease them into the conceptual learning of ECONOMICS which they have been convincing themselves will be so hard.

A-ha: I listen better at lunch to my friends and colleagues when I don't bring my phone to the table.

Reminder: Everything always works out some way.

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