Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 89 - conversations in the hall

I think one of the reasons I couldn't quite relax this break was because of my feelings around the difficulties I have been having with a few students in my first period.  Today wasn't that different but it was fine.  Sure, I had two occasions of sending students out until I came to talk with them (conversations in the hall), but the lesson went well, the students stayed engaged and on track and big whoopee- I had to do some disciplining while I was teaching.  Its part of the job and it doesn't mean I'm a "bad" teacher.
I think I was wishing that during break their would be some personal breakthrough, teenager corner turning toward maturity and self control- but today I realized that didn't happen to the extent I had been hoping for.  That's okay.  They are still bright, creative students and I just have to be CONSISTENT like a drill sergeant - or better- a COACH.

A-ha:  Students need to practice and learn behavior, just like content and skills.  And I do have to scaffold that behavior learning.

Reminder:  Taking care of myself benefits my students and classroom.

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