Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 99 - Feel good day

Today was day one of Academy recruitment, where the Freshmen get introduced to all 7 academies at our school and start deciding about which is their first through third choice.   Being part of the Environmental Science Academy ( and vegan), I decided to make some healthy non animal product snacks for them to chew on and ponder about the positive impacts of not eating animal products even just one meal a day, or once a week- while they browsed the other stations relating to some of the fun stuff we do in our academy.  I had a sous chef for the veggie sausages and server for our smoothies. The upperclassmen in our academy really showed up and had a good time.
I saw a lot of kids all over school laughing, presenting things, making things and belonging today.
Feel good day fo sho.

A-ha: Giving kids a purpose, helps them know what it feels like to be useful and important.

Reminder: Blog earlier.

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