Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 90- This week has been a success so far...

I wonder what the impact would be if I changed the time of my blogging to right after school.....
Maybe my perspective would be different, maybe I would sleep earlier, who knows?
I loved having two A days in a row!!! I need my first period 11th graders and I believe they need me as consecutively as often.  We just went right into our work today without skipping a beat and accomplished quite a bit.  Better yet, there was learning in all the doing.  I won't see them again until Tuesday and I must keep our momentum!!!
I have been working out every day since back to school, partly because I am completely out of an exercise routine and I am forcing myself to leave school by 5:15 the latest- everyday.  Its been good- I even left at 4 on our Wed. modified day.  I do prefer to do most of my work at school, but if I don't get out of thereby 515- I stay til at least 6 or later and never exercise or do other self care.  This week has been a success so far...

A-ha: Consistency creates its own two way street.

Reminder: Always ask for clarification- my mind can make up what I think people mean.

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