Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 92: they just need some space to move.

Today I incorporated kahoot quizzes into my lecture.  This slide lecture only had  photographs and I wrote a few words on the wall. So the students had to listen and I had to be clear about what the most important points were as we were going through 6 major causes of the depression.  Each cause, has a photograph slide accompanied by my lecture points about how that cause helped lead to the Depression ( this is always a scary lecture because I swear, I see a lot of similarities between now and then). Sounds kinda, eh - at least for anyone who may not be interested in The Great Depression. Plus it can be quite a bit of information and I would like them to retain some of it. SOOO, I incorporated a kahoot for each slide.  Meaning one photograph and information in their organizers- then a crazy screaming 5 question kahoot- using their notes.  I thought this was a good idea, until we were there.  Again, it is so hard for me not to enjoy kids hollering at the screen and high fiving when they get a question right, or move to space number one- but....then calming them down for the next slide- then all over again! I do have some hyper kids in this class so I thought this was a great way to break up the direct instruction, plus we learn during the kahoot too.  Well, multiple kahoots , during a slide lecture, only fueled the hyperactivity in these students!   Now I know- just do the kahoot at the end of class for my US History students.  On the plus side, they all answered fairly well (retention 5 minutes after a slide is expected to be high), and getting the information again in the kahoot will probably help them still retain much of the learning throughout the unit. But if not, they have the notes...

A-ha: Wiley kids don't need kerosene poured on them, they just need some space to move.

Reminder: get earplugs for next kahoot

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