Thursday, December 17, 2015

Day 86: Finals are hard

Finals day two and the kids were working hard. I am a firm believer that a final, feel like a final.  Not that it should be excruciatingly hard, but that it take a prolonged length of concentration, thinking an d performance.  It should be an assignment that makes the kids bring their "A" game. They should be proud of what they did when they are done.   It should feel like they accomplished something.  At the same time, the final needs to reflect the skills and content that were taught, not introducing or assessing new skills and content.  I often see people throw in a presentation, but I wonder- did they focus on scaffolding good presentation skills all semester?  Have they done three already with feedback and now this is their chance to show proficiency? Cuz if not, it should not be part of a summative assessment, like a final- in my opinion.
It would not be sustainable for students to have to bring 2 hrs of intense focus and concentration, reading and writing and processing every class, but a Final Exam is great practice in being able to suit up and show up for them and their learning esteem.

When you don't let kids give up they listen.

Finals are hard.

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