Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 76-I couldn't stop laughing

So today was right in the middle - no highs, no lows.  I did get a lot done though.  I'm starting to plan my Economics course for next semester and am realizing that since I am keeping the same students, I will rollover some government and start with government spending.  I have never actually had enough time to go deep with it in Government so I feel it might be an easy way to ease them into Economics. High school kids/ people are so afraid of economics!!!! C'mon people, its just the study of scarcity and choices- reality, basically.  I am trying to choose a supplemental text for us to read and I don't want to just choose Freakonomics without looking around a bit more. Suggestions?  
     In other news today, the juniors loved their Kahoot and struggled with document analysis and my Yearbook class seems to be figuring out how to self start and direct themselves.  OMG, I just remembered something hilarious(to me, at least).  The Kahoot was on trends of the 1920's and one of the questions was about advertising. I slyly used an old feminine hygiene product ad as the image for that question- just to make some teenagers uncomfortable. Well in the middle of the Kahoot, one of my very eager not so mature juniors yells out at the top of his lungs, "TAMPONS!!!!".  I couldn't stop laughing, on the inside- a little on the outside.

Its nice to have days that are not registering on the richter scale.

It is want I want it to be.

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