Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 79- Ich liebe dich Oma!

The big news today- the fire Marshall came by school to check the rooms and I have to move my Oma out of the way for easier access to the fire extinguisher.  She's German- she would understand- actually she probably sent him from her grave.  Ich liebe dich Oma!(I love you Grandma)
I had two very apologetic and hard working boys from my 11th grade class with me after school for a few hours- now let's see how they are tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day and I will assume only good intentions on their part and make sure that's where I'm coming from too. It's just easier to teach Seniors with my style and I am spoiled. My 11th graders keep me creative and my Seniors give me space to be creative.
I wish I could have a conversation with someone about tomorrows lesson but its kind of late. I will talk to my partner because she is my white privilege, cultural awareness and sensitivity expert.  So tomorrow in US History we will look at poems, art, music and the club scene from the Harlem Renaissance.  Students will  look at common themes throughout these mediums and write a constructed response inferring what life was like and how these things influenced African American identity during the 1920's.  The part I want to make sure I am not being to careless with is having them compare and look at modern African American identity  by making a group collage of music, poems, art and trends for African Americans today.  My students don't have a lot of exposure to black folks so they could very well go to negative stereotypes and promote prejudices.  I am going to address this before we start. Remind them to be mindful if someone who was a race other than their own was making a collage about their racial or ethnic identity, how would they want to be represented? Maybe that's what the assignment should be first.....

A-ha: I still have a lot to learn about cultural humility and cultural awareness.

It's almost vacation!!!!!

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