Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 80- we are getting down to the wire

The best thing about kids doing really poorly in my class is seeing their faces when they come in and make up work. A "D" to a "C" is pretty excited face- but a "F" to a "C" or a "D" to a "B"- those kids I should take pictures of and plaster their proud, relieved faces on fliers for my tutorial.   I try to keep the focus on learning and not getting a grade but it sure is hard when we are getting down to the wire and they need my class to graduate.  Nonetheless, I do see how much easier it is for some of these kids to learn when it is just me and them or just a few of us.
Today after school was the staff holiday gathering at the Principal's house.  Its always nice to see my colleagues outside of school and the end of the party was the highlight for me with rag tag entertaining karaoke, from Cher to Aca entre nos!  The party ended at six so it wasn't that crazy- everyone was well maintained.  I am happy to report that the hostess, the Principal, made vegan chili!!! I never get vegan options at work-like gatherings(conferences, anywhere), and it actually made me feel more belonging than I would've ever expected. I mean, its just some chili.  The kicker is I took the leftovers in the crock pot and when I exited the freeway it spilled all over my car! There goes my environmental footprint reduction- I'll be hosing down that car for quite awhile to get the chili stains out.  Oy vey- I guess sometimes meat is easier.....

I do feel like an outsider sometimes when I don't drink and don't eat animal stuff.

My feelings of separateness are made up lies from my ego and pride self. The belonging is the truth.

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