Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 84- karaoke study time

Today was a review for the final and bond over karaoke kind of day.  I started each class today with a popular karaoke song and by the end every kid was singing or moving their lips and ALL of them were reading the whole time.  My new justification for karaoke in the classroom is reading practice.  And well, its fun.  Moving into our study cram jam time everyone was in a pretty good mood, including me. I didn't feel sick- forgot I was sick- but feel my itchy throat again tonight. I guess I did sneeze a few times today.
My Government final is part multiple choice and part reading and writing.  It will take them 2 hrs and some students are stressed about that.  The thing is, I give them all the questions and reading before the day of the final so they have time to really read the articles. Those that prepared ahead will do great, the rest- we will see.  Nonetheless, the Seniors are on fire with after school and completing past assignments and assessments.  My juniors not so much.  I have never had so many juniors with F's. Bummer.

Sometimes parent meetings are not enough.

You can bring 'em to water but....

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