Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 81- Modeling, very important.

Started the morning with a Senior Class meeting.  We are trying to get more Senior involvement so decided to switch it to Advisory, first thing in the morning, instead of lunch time.  It did improve attendance- a little over 30 as opposed to 3-7 at the lunch meetings.  Myself and the Senior class President created an agenda for the meeting the other day but somehow, she forgot to show(or something). I ended up running the meeting which I decided in the end was okay. I keep saying I want them to run the meetings and take care of all the business- but I realize they need modeling!!! Just like me, when I see an effective leader doing PD or running a staff meeting- I learn from them, I watch them carefully.  What makes me think that these 12th graders even know how to run a meeting.  They may never have seen anyone do it well or correctly.  So I did my best to delegate duties, ask for input and inspire the people who showed up. I even openly apologized for making a joke that led to everyone laughing and at a students expense.  It was basic- "I won't be the one to write the memo- I don't write good", said the sweet willing student, " It's you don't write well," and laughter ensued.  I closed the meeting with an open admission of sometimes wanting attention and making jokes at others expense, and an apology to the student. Modeling, very important.

I need experts and role models, so of course the kids do too.

I am the expert and the role model when I am in the classroom. Never take it lightly.

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