Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 78 -class on the soccer field from now on

Who has two parent meetings a week before Christmas break???? I do I guess.  I started things in such a great mood and I remembered to stay present and clear but  a few of my 11th graders could not control themselves today, so I called their parents during class.  I have thought of doing that a few times before but today I did it. One parent showed up within 25 minutes! I couldn't believe it.  It is so interesting when I ask a kid to describe their behavior and they say "it was bad, I know I was acting wrong". Can you imagine knowing something is completely wrong and bad behavior but doing it anyways? Yep- I thought so.  SO they are just little teenage humans that I guess I can never get too mad at and they know it.  They need a lot of practice in self control and learning about situational appropriateness.  My other students parent came after school and he was a nice man but seemed a little helpless about his wild child too.
That's it- class on the soccer field from now on. I wish.

It really takes me a long time to call home about a child's behavior.

Call home about behavior right away. Ignore my ego, trust my instincts.

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