Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 82- I was so proud of them.

Its 11:13 on Sunday night and I am about to blog about Friday at school. I have been making this my habit, blogging on Sunday night about Friday, but not usually this late.  I did take a nap today so that should help me survive tomorrow.  However- if any new teacher's are reading this...I do not recommend going to bed this late to start off one's teaching week. DO as I say not as I do! Goes well with my modeling post the other day....
Friday was an overall super fun day of students learning and working. Most of my work was done before class which is how it should be!  In Gov. we did a jury simulation where the students acted out an abridged version of a copyright case between MGM and Honda.  They were all engaged, they learned about how things are run in a court room ( we set up our Socratic Seminar room like a court room). After the case they got into jury deliberation groups and had to practice coming to agreement while looking at law and evidence. It was the first time I tried this particular one, its from iCivics. It was very clear and challenging at the same time.  Today I was most impressed with my 6th period. I have quite a few newcomers in that class and they all volunteered immediately to play a part.  I get all vklempt when I see students wanting to challenge themselves and take educational/life risks.  I was so proud of them.
After school we had a CocoaCram. One of our Asst. Principals introduced it for tutorial. Finals are this week so she suggested we pay teachers to stay for tutorial and offer the students hot chocolate on Friday.  It was a huge success. When I went down to get some hot chocolate, they were like 200 kids in line for cocoa! Oh one last was PAJAMA DAY at school!!!! A+ all the way!

Kids really like hot chocolate and students need practice with scripts to help them be in front of the class.

No blogging this late on a Sunday night!

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