Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day 85: First Day of Finals and Pancakes

Today finals for 3rd and 4th period- Yearbook and Government.  Yearbook, our deadline was today- so we made pancakes and decorated our computer lab hoping it will be all finished by the time we return in January. This was the first time we had the opportunity to just hang out with each other without me hounding people. It was much needed and a lot of fun. We were laughing and dancing and singing a lot- oh and eating pancakes.  I am hoping to incorporate more of that fun into our yearbook business next semester.
My Government students did great. The majority of my students were prepared and very successful. After grading the multiple choice and the 4 short essays- there were only 2 D's- the rest A's, B's and C's!!! No F's on the final???? That has never happened in any of my classes before.  I was stoked to watch them work so hard( many stayed after school to finish) and happy to see they learned content and could demonstrate grade level writing and reading skills.   I will hope my other classes come just as prepared.....

I wasn't even sure if the kids in yearbook liked each other until today.

Pancakes are crowd pleasers.

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