Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 77 - Its flying by

On Friday I had an appointment in San Jose at 5 and had to bolt out of school right at 3:15 to get there on time. And of course, tons of Seniors were trying to come in for tutorial and make up work/tests.  I was there all week folks, I told ya I would not be available Friday! Selective listening, students do it often- teachers do it at staff meetings.  Next week is the last week of content, then FINALS.  Its flying by and suddenly students are getting scared...(they need my class to graduate).

On a lighter, different note- I took a random poll of my seniors on Friday about sex education in schools.  We were discussing the Senate passing the bill to defund planned parenthood for a year and repeal major aspects of Obamacare.  Having one of my teaching credentials in Health and being a former health educator, I jump at any chance to broach this topic with my students. This topic being health education of any kind, especially topics surrounding sex ed.  As we were talking about the movement of this bill and what they predict will happen if/when it gets to Pres. Obama's desk, the conversation shifted to planned parenthood and school sex ed. I took this opportunity to poll my students on how effective their own sex ed at school was.  In my very impromptu, unofficial poll; I had the students rate their sex ed learning experience from 5 to 1 fingers, 5 being the most informative, empowering useful information and one being they put on a video.   Mostly 2 fingers in the room and a few 3's , 4's.   As a class we talked about whether sex education  helps reduce the number of unwanted teen pregnancies or not.
And here is a another article I may use on my 11th graders as we look at Margaret Sanger's influence in the 1920's and the influence and similarities seen today.

A-ha: Kids want more sex education, beyond 9th grade.

Reminder: Be clear, consistent and present on Monday.

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