Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DAy 74- I am a better teacher when I am being observed

I am a better teacher when I am being observed. I wish it wasn't true, but it is.  Today a student teacher observed my Government class.  She had asked yesterday so it wasn't like I pulled out all the stops or anything, just a normal class with direct instruction, small group discussion, a fun game and closure writing.  So what I noticed was different or more on the forefront of my mind, was my referencing my learning objectives and my clarity.   It should not take someone observing me to be that explicit with my instruction.  I know all the facts and ways making the learning visible is necessary for students to do well but I guess I do not practice it enough.  I was very deliberate today and very clear.  I must continue to be that much of a model for teaching.  Its almost like I get a little lazy when someone is not in my class, or I forget the importance of slowing down and being explicit. Its moments like these that reallly help me appreciate this blogging and reflection- I get to hold myself accountable for what I know I can do better.
Class went great today-not perfect but kids learned and being aware of the learning goal made it very easy for the students to recognize when they weren't on track or understanding- and they asked for help and clarity. Not only from me, but also their classmates.  Lets see how much they remember tomorrow......

Focusing on my behavior and not the students behavior will keep me a better teacher.

Use my equity cards everyday.

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