Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 121 - observing ourselves

Today my students were proud of themselves, and they had every right to be. We discussed our Socratic Seminar and their reflections, along with watched some exemplar clips.  They praised each other with specific examples, clearly articulated ways they would like to improve the seminars and resoundingly said- "we should do this more often".  The most surprising twist, they all wanted to watch themselves on the video! I loved telling them how proud I was to share the video with my CSET Hollyhock group from Stanford and how impressed the group was with their skills and knowledge. Letting kids share their thoughts in a supported academic setting is quite a moving experience for this teacher- especially as I see them observe and direct their own growth in the process.

A-ha: Having kids watch video of themselves learning helps them just as watching videos of my teaching, helps me.

Reminder:  Be sure to enact one of their suggestions.

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