Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day 135 - Students are going crazy

Students are going crazy about their grades, especially my Seniors.  The last progress/quarter grade is due before the end of the year and SUDDENLY, everyone cares.  Students are forgetting my process. You must email me when you turn in late work- with specifics about what it is you turned in.  There is something about digital work that allows students to disconnect with due dates.  The physical handing in of something is so ingrained in their educational memory and experience that it seems like they conveniently assume things aren't really due or out of sight out of mind.  I think it is just one of those technology shift growing pains.  I imagine kids in a few years will be more used to it- I hope.

A-ha:  I guess there are a few things I miss about collecting "papers"- not the losing them or carrying them around everywhere.

Reminder: Success is often simply how well you can adapt to your surroundings.

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