Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 126 - Wednesday(trying to catch up)

As students work on their community action projects, some are thriving and others are flailing.  The planning and organization comes more natural to some and vice versa.  As my anticipation and anxiety is growing, I'm sure the students is as well.  I am trying to stay focused in vision and possibility and still not try to etch out exactly what it is supposed to look like.  That whole trusting the universe thing and letting go.  When I say "let go", I think some people get scared like I'm just going to let whatever happen, happen.  "Letting go" for me, is actually very conscious and purposeful.  I must stay in the day to day necessities-what is right in front of us- what the kids need right now- while not holding on too tightly of how I think everything is supposed to turn out.  This takes a lot of work.  There is nothing passive about "letting go".  And watching things unfold and grow is much more interesting...

A-ha: I can only see so far...

Reminder: The possibilities are endless.

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