Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 120 - Like riding a roller coaster in slow motion

I keep thinking its Thursday but it is only Tuesday!!!  I feel like I have exerted four days worth of energy already, and tomorrow should be Friday!  But its not, and I have a phone appointment at 6 am!
OH well, in brighter news - the semester is flying- which is good and bad.  I have to try to let it go fast without it feeling like it is going fast.  Like riding a roller coaster in slow motion - that's what I would like the rest of the year to be like.
Self- care is down this week- no gym since Sunday and tomorrow may not be possible either.  There is a conference next week in Sacramento which helps me accept the busyness of this week, knowing next week I will be working with adults only for Monday and Tuesday.  Getting ready for next week is part of my busyness.  But I still must care for myself.  I left school way to late and not only didn't gym but didn't go to choir either.  Neglecting my spiritual and physical well being.  Cannot make a habit of this.  By Thursday, I think I'll feel caught up.

A-ha: The students are posting videos of me when I do funny things in class, like make up raps or sing songs, or dance...or...

Reminder: ask for the link next time!

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