Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 133- Last Friday

Overwhelmed with guests from Germany an completely forgot to post for Friday!!! The best thing happened too-- a student came to me and explained how he did his make up work of writing lyrics to the tune of a popular song, about the difference between a command and market economy.  Make -up work, ya- no biggee- but he did it with his Dad.  "My Dad really enjoyed it Ms. MacLean".   Its like a dream come true, one of my students learning about and discussing economics with one of their parents.  I think they both learned too.

A-ha:  Maybe I should design my homework activities toward something the parents would enjoy....

Reminder:  Just because my Seniors have anxiety about thier grades, doesn't mean I have to take that on.  Stay in procedure. Turn in late work. Send me an email. Wait for me now.

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