Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 132 - student centered

I felt very productive today.  US History played their PSA's today and we reviewed each one before taking the unit assessment and evaluating the project overall.   The kids feel like they learned, which is great.  The assessment says some of them did not learn as much as they think, or they were not able to convey it in the open ended questions.  Still they did show a lot of learning!  More importantly on the assignment review survey the majority of them said they learned a lot in this assignment- and they really enjoyed working with their teams( appointed by me).  Of course there was one group that was dissatisfied with their group and still haven't turned in a PSA yet.  I miscalculated the dynamics of those students. Can't win them all. I put two uninspired students in one group thinking they inspire each other...yeah- to do nothing and take no learning risks.

A-ha: I get to see my students hidden talents and thinking when they create things to reflect their content knowledge.

Reminder:  Student centered, student centered

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