Saturday, March 26, 2016

DAY 134 - a good problem

Monday felt successful but confusing.  As requested by my students, we are doing even more socratic seminars.  This one was on whether Truman was justified to drop the Atomic Bombs", which morphed into "when is it okay to kill civilians?"  I am overjoyed that the kids were fighting over who gets to be in the first circle- as in wanting to be in the first circle.  However there was a sense of academic professionality that was lost with all of their excitement to speak, be heard etc.  SOOOO, the engagement is their but they seemed to have lost their norms and focus on listening.  Some of the nerves around socratic seminars are gone so I guess their concentration level changed.  This is a good problem, but I am scared to watch the video.

A-ha:  Learning is not linear in any way!!!

Reminder:  Routines are necessary, to allow more learning to pop up through the cracks, from the air, from wherever- and stick.

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