Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 35 - "when its this hard, you know you're learning a lot!"

For whatever reason, today I took everything the students did personally and I had felt like I had no skin or skills.  From an outsider everything probably looked kind of normal, not too different from any other day. But to me a student giggling  looked like a child throwing all of my hard work to the side, a kid trying to watch youtube on the sly felt like a personal affront, a student unable to be quiet was the scissors that cut the thin rope to a better future some of my students were hanging on to with dear life!!!!! Yes- it was hard for me today.  I have not been able to exactly identify why, and if I say it might be PMS than some of my more enlightened friends may never speak to me again.
I did receive acupuncture yesterday(first in years), so maybe my senses and emotions were raw and exposed(but she said I have no blocks in my chi- bet I do now!). Yeah, I like that reason. Its a rawness on the path to serenity.  Or like when I tell the kids, "when its this hard, you know you're learning a lot!"

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