Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 48 - what will come, will come

I have to keep my expectations in check.  I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning around one class activity and I realized now, that I may not get the results which I think equal the amount of energy and time that I have been putting into it.  Looking back, I remember that I have been overly frustrated and disappointed in my students when I have worked my butt off on something and it seemed like they weren't taking it serious enough or putting in "enough" effort: basically taking their abilities or performance personally. I am doing my first Socratic Seminar of the semester with my rambunctious 11th graders this week and I am already sensing anxiety and stress over their ability to have a structured serious academic conversation.  That thinking is not fair to them and it will only make my life and lesson worse.  My job is to stay focused on the learning intentions, be sure the expectations are clear and keep the structure solid.  What will come, will come- and I have never been disappointed by a Socratic Seminar yet.  My students always surprise me with something new for me to learn about them or my teaching.
Thankfully I have this blog to remind me to catch myself when lack and limitation hijack my thinking.

My pre-conceived ideas and ego can really impact a lesson's outcome.

It's all good.

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