Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 49 - I just have to be patient and trusting.

Collaboration takes practice and I need more of both- collaboration and practice collaborating.  Our senior project - CAP - is in its first stages and the GOV/ECON teachers met with the senior English teachers to co ordinate and cross curricular plan.  That many talents and ideas in one room can be overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time.  I found it difficult to listen to others for longer than 60 seconds without wanting to jump in and contribute more ideas.  I really need to practice just listening!  Maybe I could offer to take notes or minutes next time to keep me focused on others and afterwards I can reflect on my thoughts and contribute more effectively.  I know people only listen or hear when they are ready and in instances when everyone is trying to share their ideas all at once there is just only so much listening that can happen.  Many ideas get lost and missed.
So I am making a pledge now to specifically work on keeping quiet and listening in my next collaboration meeting, knowing full well that my ideas will always have an opportunity to be heard and built upon- I just have to be patient and trusting. 

The more familiar I am with the people I am collaborating with, the less I keep myself in check(the less I listen).

Stay in the purpose of the work--the CAP is about the students learning real world skills and finding purpose(student sample).

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