Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 41- Eye openers

Writing this on Sunday night- for Fridays entry.  Homecoming game and dance kept me at school until 1130ish, and a super fun wedding (with half of my school district it seemed) on Saturday kept me tied up. I am very grateful for all the loving, fun, supportive people I work with and it was fun to party down with them on the dance floor.  Plus two of our dearest colleagues tied the knot!
I got some eye openers about myself this week.  I am often involved with students -being that I am a crazy doer and feel available, but this week I noticed some things I haven't really registered before.   When I am stressed I can come off like like no one is as important as me- I stop listening to people and have a one track mind.  I made two apologies this week for my "importantness" and shortness with others; one to a student and another to one of the most helpful office staff members. I am happy I have reflection tools and I can forgive myself quick enough to give deserved apologies.  And as uncomfortable as it may be, I believe apologizing to students models humanness, forgiveness and self awareness.  But most importantly, it shows them the respect they deserve.

I'll stop the world and melt with me is a pretty dope slow song.

People deserve to be looked at and listened to.

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