Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 51 - something different happens afterschool

Students were disappointed that I could not stay after school on Friday.  I was too.  After school is where I learn the most about my students and sometimes, its not even my students I get to learn about but the friends they bring with them.  Kids laugh more easily after school and aren't afraid to ask questions or ask for help.  How can I duplicate that in all of my classes?  Maybe I am more relaxed too and easier to approach when I don't have a lesson plan or agenda I am trying to fulfill.  Whether its one kid or 20 kids, there is something different that happens after school- we get to just be together. Some of my favorite after school moments include random karaoke breakouts, teary eyed personal statement breakthroughs, and students just wanting a place to do their work.
The hardest part is kicking them out when its time for me to go home.
Or, like this past Friday, just not being available.
But I know how important my self care and care for my personal relationships are, if I am to be present and available for my students.

A-ha:  Modeling healthy relationships, self care and healthy boundaries is part of my job.

Reminder: Play more guitar after school

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