Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 45 - One on one time with students

One on one time with students can really shift a class dynamic.  Today I was able to have 5 minute "performance reviews" with each yearbook member.  I have to figure out how to do this for my other classes!  Its grade time and I wanted to check in with each student and ask them what they believed they deserved as we looked over the grade criteria.  Some who clearly deserve an A weren't quite able to stand up for their work or weren't sure if I had noticed how much effort they have been putting in.  Wow what an eye opener!  I have been so busy in yearbook that I have not been praising my students and thanking them for their effort.  This is so important to know - especially now before its too crazy- I can practice having that in my mind.  I always feel so positive that I forget sometimes my "get it done" attitude skips right past "good job".   And the ones who weren't able to speak of their accomplishments, this was great practice.   The students appreciated my asking them how I can better support them to be successful and I believe they enjoyed getting props and individualized direction.  The two students who have been so detached and unmotivated were part of the reason I did this and my most dreaded.  But these meetings felt the best.  It was nice to hear them articulate what they know they need to do and that they want to do it. They have been hiding and one on one,students can't hide anymore. One on one they start believing that they are important, capable and worth something.  

I need to release my US History and Gov students into more self directed activities so I can meet with students one on on during class.

Get a present for the office ladies- they have been hooking me up!

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