Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 40- 8 weeks

Homecoming week is crazy...but I think its worth it.  Students running around getting ready for the rally all day--snapping at their advisors, wanting everything perfect, staying at school til 830 to make signs and floats, while all the teachers hope that every kid will be in tutorial next week to make up work.  And there is still tomorrow and tomorrow night!!!! Today the teachers started the rally doing the WHIPwhip NAeNAe dance - always fun for me to be dancing at a rally.  After school today the Class of 2016 which I advise, was trying to finish building their haunted house.  Its a fundraiser and it has been a process- with tears and blood and  good times; we hope only good times to come.
Academically today went every well. I am realizing my 11th grade US History class is not as prepared to do collaborative works as I thought.  I need to be more strategic with grouping and have it completely structured to work for them.  However they love it when I read to them and then we analyze as a whole class.  Today they also really got into naming Jacob Riis photographs.  I am taking them to Angel Island Immigration Station on Tuesday- they are excited!
On another note- the reason that family wasn't home yesterday was because I went on the wrong day!!!!! I had to apologize over the phone to both families for switching their dates up.  The one I was supposed to go to on Wednesday night  is now rescheduled for Monday and our attendance guru had already scheduled one for today to the other house.  Well my mistake increased my parent phone contact time!

Kids really want to have the TV high school experience.  I don't remember having those feelings even though I was very active in my high school.

Slow down.

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