Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 42- November is soon.

October, the month historically known to teachers as the looongest month of the year!!!!  Its the only month without any kind of holiday or break (which sounds like we are spoiled but unless you teach full time- you have NO IDEA the amount of energy needed for this job- emotional, intellectual and physical).  Its just something teachers know, October is hard.  Well today, October was not hard for me and I may ride the high the whole month. I had my first home visit where I actually made it into the house.  I shouldn't celebrate yet, because I have to see if there is any impact on my students performance.  But there was a lot of love in that house today and I saw, lets call him Andy, smile bigger than I ever have. We talked about him going to college to pursue his piano/music passion and his Dad told me, in Spanish, how teachers say they want to help his son, but no one has ever come to the house and he was very grateful.  I understand it is probably statistically impossible for all my home visits to go this well- but I needed this fuel so it came at the right time. I got to meet his little brother and sister and his neice- Mom takes care of her oldest daughters kid while she attends SJSU. His little brother loves to read and his favorite book right now is Bone, he showed me. They all live together and I felt honored to be in their house.
I hope "Andy" is going to follow through with his promised after school tutorials. If not for him, for his loving family.

Home visits are impactful- for all parties involved.

November is soon.

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