Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 50 - Something was right in the air

I video tape my lessons often (6-8 times a year) but I still get a little tense about the students behavior when I do it.  I guess kind of like when I have an observation, I want my kids to show their best selves and make me look good!  It is  so tiring to look through the lens of what I think someone else might think.  Ugh- I get tired just thinking about it.  Even though I know better and I know that tendency to slip into what things may "look" like, it still happens to me.  Today after getting through some more evidence collection, question generating and expectations for our academic conversation, we headed over to our Socratic Seminar room.  I was aware of my tenseness and just tried to stay focused and loving.  In the room, kids stepped up their academic professionalism and took me by surprise with their listening skills, questioning skills, ability to articulate with evidence and examples, and utilize my sentence starters.   Something was right in the air and i am stoked I got it on video!

I still haven't mastered enough wait time.

Students rise to challenges, just like we do.

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