Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 46- good old fashioned 21st century teaching

Its funny what I consider is good old fashioned teaching. What that means for me is direct instruction with some spice and flavor, feedback,- music, breaks and learning.  My good old fashioned teaching today included- 1) having a student go around and stamp finished Cornell Notes as students revisit and annotate their notes- create questions on the left margin and compare notes- AVID style  2)  reviewing homework on NEARPOD looking at the class answers together, reviewing and recognizing each other's thinking 3) Kahoot quiz to see if they actually remembered anything from all of that  4) 2 min Break  5) explore world/community/national problems/issues to research for senior Community action Project (20time)  
6) group mingle to find other people with same issues 7) instructions for this weeks CAP  BLOG 8) stay after school to retake mastery assessment from the other day.
So you see why its funny-- my good old fashioned teaching involves a lot of technology and 21st century collaboration skills.  It just became the way I teach- thanks to tons of professional development opportunities throughout my entire 5 year teaching career.  Yes, I am allowed to say good old fashioned teaching even if I've only been teaching 5 years.

Students respond more positively and actively to an "I" for incomplete as opposed to a D or F. Tons of kids stayed after school today to improve their test grade and show proficiency.

Its okay to have tried and true tricks and strategies that make teaching feel easy.

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