Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 39 - Hope I am not too late with this one....

Seeing where students live opens my eyes to so many things.  I went to a students house today and the family wasn't there.  I waited but finally had to leave- as I was responsible for the nighttime shift for homecoming building supervision.  First, no wonder this student doesn't come to school- she lives hella far away!!!!  Second, the surroundings were so not what I expected that I have been racking my brain trying to think of anything I have taught this young lady that might be relative to her life or that she might care about.  Imagine if I were able to see how every student lives- how much that could impact how I teach them??? The first thing with this student though, is getting her to school. Must find a solution- she is failing 3 other classes as well as mine. She's one of those quiet students too. You know, the ones who fall through the cracks.  Teachers don't worry about them too much because they hide really well and stay out of the teacher radar. The loud F students will always get calls home and interventions before the quiet ones.  Hope I am not too late with this one....

I don't really know my students as well as I think I do.

Some quiet kids could use a call home this week.

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