Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 54 - Slow my roll on Wednesdays.

Wednesdays are short/modified days but they seem to make me the most tired.  Every other day of the week we have block schedule- 3 classes in one day, but there are 2 hours long. It makes for opportunity to go deep with learning and do various activities, solidifying knowledge and reaching different learner types.  I do not lecture usually for more than 10-15 minutes so this schedule works well for me and my students, as I like to move around a lot and I am able to keep them moving around a lot.
But Wednesdays are wham, bam, shazaam! Classes seem to go so fast and yet I still try to deep intense learning.  When will I learn??? Today my first period 11th graders were not ready for an immediate shift into third gear, then fourth gear learning.  Next time I will plan the into and build up of a document analysis lesson on a Wednesday, and the analysis, discussion and writing the next block day.
I was tired by second period today.

I like games about government more than my students do.

Slow my roll on Wednesdays.

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