Sunday, November 1, 2015

Day 56 - Looking back on Friday

 Teaching wasn't nearly as much as a pull as I thought it was going to be on Friday- Halloween at school.  It seemed as if more teachers than students were dressed up.  I went as kale- yep, kale, the vegetable.  I most enjoyed eating the kale off of my shirt in front of the kids.  
In class the seniors began flushing out their CAP (community action project).  Each class started out slow and hesitant. I had the ability to go to each group and talk with them individually helping them hone in on a project and/or their own strengths and goals.  The number of students who couldn't tell me one thing they were good at or one thing they were passionate about, was heartbreaking yet affirming that this project(and more like it) needs to happen.  Education is evolving and having the freedom to make the learning completely relevant to the student will change how these students view life and their future possibilities.  My hope is that as education is evolving more and more opportunities like this are provided for students at earlier grades.
Yes, we are still in the early stages, but I'm seeing kids eyes light up as the ideas are flowing.  One group of boys want to organize a free sports camp, another group wants to start a Wildcat Run in to bring awareness to health issues in the town, another group wants to put up anti gang violence murals around town, another kid couldn't believe when I told him " yes, you can make a how to video of how to change brakes". They are started to realize this is their project and their learning.  I am soooo excited, but I'm playing it cool and just trying to keep them in possibility.....

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