Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 70- a long Friday

I have never had that many students in my room on a Friday night until 6:30 pm.  It was the last day to finish their on line credit recovery courses and most of them were taking the cumulative exam. It is always great to see students working hard, even if it is at the last minute but there is something that feels confusing for me about this credit recovery.  Looking back on my Friday, I cannot identify any moment where the students were engaged in or conscious of learning.   They really wanted the CREDIT. I guess we really want them to get the credit too or we wouldn't have credit recovery.  As credit recovery becomes more on line I feel the focus on actual learning is getting lost.  Of course they will learn some by the sheer nature of doing it, but that is not their goal by any means.  Towards the end especially- how well can they guess? how many times can they take the test until they memorize the answers and the repeat questions?  That is what they are thinking about.
Maybe we should call it learning recovery and focus on the learning and not the credit.
I think the overwhelming answer might be "Ain't nobody got time for that".
I don't have a solution with the given resources of time and money. But at least I understand now that something has to change/shift in our credit recovery classes.

I do not like the feeling of focusing on credit over learning.

Keep my eyes on the prize of learning.

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