Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day 72- never listen to the naysayers.....

Tuesday was a wonderful day. Someone asked me why and I said, "because it wasn't Monday!". Also because it was the day before Thanksgiving break and I started the day with a lot of gratitude in my Advisory class. Students were paired up by their appointment clock and discussed 3 things they were grateful for. The bonus was to mention someone they would make extra effort to be kind to over this holiday. Whether its someone that really is in need right now or someone they haven't been too grateful for lately. I had to hold back my watery eyes as I listened to some students talk about being extra nice to their Mom or Dad to make up for their behavior lately. Or extra nice to an uncle who has cancer and I heard one kid promise to be nice to his little sister. I guess the moving part was that they recognized that they could be treating people better and they wanted to do that. I hope they remembered their hearts over break.
I know some kids remembered their college recommendations and personal statements over break- my email has been blowing up! Without a doubt, there are always students who wait til the last minute.  I guess its like the IRS mailbox drop off on the evening of April 14th. Are we the only species that procrastinates? I know we are the only species that pays taxes but still...I wonder.
Reading personal statements is always an honor and an eye opener. Some of my students stories still surprise me. Their perseverance does not. I know how strong they are. I hope my students know how strong and capable they are. If I can only convince them that they can do anything they set their minds to and to never listen to the naysayers.....

Holidays without my Mom or my family do not get any easier.

Be aware of my own emotional sensitivity around the holidays to keep me from taking too many things personal in my classroom and at work.

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