Sunday, November 15, 2015

Day 65- Teaching, Football and Activism

My blog headline includes what my Friday was all about, not to be confused with the much publicized actions at University of Missouri.  It is interesting to see how much money and power is in football and what can be accomplished when people jin together for a cause.
The school day was fairly smooth with students using various artifacts(documents, photos, etc.) to create museum exhibits of a day in the life of a President in order to learn about and teach about the different roles of the President.  This is a TCI lesson from their GovALive currriculum which I love because we get to go deeper into some historical knowledge about various Presidents and sometimes there just isn't enough time to do that in US History. I like Presidents- I wouldn't mind teaching a US History course based solely on each Presidency.
But then the night came and Watsonville High School was on fire at our last football game of the season against our longtime rivals! We won 23-6, the stands were packed and everyone was wearing black and gold, chanting, chanting, chanting.  It was great fun with yellow powder shot in the air and streamers flying all over at each football game. This game was worthy of the movies.
Afterwards up the street Dolores Huerta, the co-founder of the United Farm Workers(UFW) and renowned labor and civil rights activist, was having her 85th birthday party.  I got to share some dance floor with this powerful woman and when I had an opportunity to speak to her the music was so loud she started writing on someones poster asking me about the involvement of the parents at my school and LCAP at my school. Activist even on the dance floor- loud music is no excuse to not talk about whats important. This was a very powerful interaction for me. Being in the presence of someone whose purpose is so clear and who felt even more powerful in person than in the history books.
SO that was my Friday- an unforgettable one- teaching, football and activism.


People don't retire from activism.

It's all worth it.

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