Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 62- Rookie move

Oh the rain....the first big rain.  I will leave it at that. Anyone who teaches, knows what that looks like/feels like in the classroom. Its the same, no matter the grade.  
Then there was third period yearbook, with their super duper deadline and many unfinished pages. Many of my yearbook kids seem to think they only have to think about yearbook when they are physically in the class.  Well today's preparedness for the deadline showed them that isn't working. And the editor in chief I was proud of convincing not to quit was having an emotional stress breakdown, unable to do any of her pages, or help anyone else.  I would love to have or start a conversation on when its okay to let a kid quit or even what are the best signs that its the best idea.  I do believe she will be okay but while she was breaking down with her counselor, the class made a motion to remove her from her position.  With a 2/3 vote to accept the motion, that is allowed in our club Constitution.  They tried to be so quick, but I was able to keep them in procedure around this very sensitive issue. But yes, we have a new editor in chief and she has hired a co-editor. Pages aren't done yet though.
      Just as I am writing this I realize what got me so worked up and in their stress space today.  I know the yearbook will be made and this probably happens in every yearbook class, but I don't want to look bad to my Jostens yearbook representative/consultant!  Wow, I feel like such a sucker- I really let my ego get the best of me today.  I wasn't able to really be present and supportive for my students today because I was worried about how their actions or non actions might reflect on me and my reputation.  Rookie move- but I guess it happens to the best of us.  

A-ha: I really don't know when the right time is to let a kid quit.

Reminder:  Day off on Wednesday!

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