Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 68-They told me yearbook might be challenging.

Sometimes I'm not the best listener - especially when people are complaining.  I understand in my heart that people need empathy and to be heard, but I am a problem solver. Skip the feelings and fix it. And I guess I should specify that today the people were my students, my yearbook kids.  There are a lot of glitches and bumps in the road right now for our print deadline tomorrow and I did not want to waste anytime hearing complaints today.  Students with all-campus passes and wonderful creative minds sitting on their butts complaining about how they do not have pictures or logos or names of people, instead of running around campus and trying to solve those problems before our deadline tomorrow - DRIVES ME CRAZY!  Thank you for the empathy and the listening.

I guess I complain too.

They told me yearbook might be challenging.

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